Bringing Hi Chi into your Heart Chakra

Posted on Thursday 17th August, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Karina Grant


There are 7 chakras that run down the central channel of the body. In order for us to be in a state of health and vitality we need to ensure they are all balanced and in harmony.

The Hi Chi online Chakra Challenge gives you daily ways to bring health and vitality to each of your chakras for 7 days. Do something to bring love, light and vibrancy to your chakras each day starting with the Heart Chakra today!

The fourth chakra is known as the Heart Chakra. There are 3 chakras below the heart and 3 above. Connecting them all in the middle is the heart chakra. 

This chakra is the meeting point of the upper spiritual worlds and the base physical world. It is located in the centre of the chest and physically it connects to the heart, lungs, thymus and cardiac plexus.

It’s colour is green and as with the abundance of nature’s green offerings, it is filled with our most powerfully abundant divine essence, our love.

Is my Heart Chakra balanced

An open heart chakra is literally the biggest gift you can gift yourself. The way you interpret the world around you is filtered through your heart chakra. When it is open and balanced you will feel love for those around you and also have an easy ability to have compassion for others. From this place you allow people to express themselves as they are, and accept people as they are without judgement or expectation.

Those around you will feel that you love and accept them and they will respond beautifully to your energy. When your heart is open you are so peaceful and harmonious to be around. You project love all around you and everyone feels great in your company.

If your heart chakra is blocked this shows up in an inability to forgive others, and a disconnection to those around you. You may feel inhibited in old patterns and distrusting of other people and life. It may feel as if it is unsafe to let go and love.

Your heart chakra sends signals to your brain about whether you are in a state of fight or flight, based on your emotional state, and your brain then sends signals to the rest of your body. Balancing this chakra is essential for great health.

Love is the highest frequency in the Universe. Freeing this energy within you will transform every area of your life and your health.


Bring Hi Chi into your Heart Chakra today- your challenge is Green!

drumHugging for heart health

It has been scientifically proven that hugging enhances your immune system and fills you with endorphins. When we give love it is always returned with interest. Your challenge today is to give 10 loving hugs to people to express your appreciation for them. Giving a hug is a physical expression of a spiritual act and it opens your heart chakra. With love, the more we give the more we have. We are a vessel designed to having love flowing through us. Hugging with your head to the direction of the right of the other person’s head, helps to align the heart energy between you. See how open your heart feels today after 10 hugs!

Self Created Health Workshop by Karina Grant

Meditate on the colour green

The fastest way to understand how abundantly we have love flowing through every cell in our body is to focus on nature. Nature has the colour green abundantly flowing throughout the entire planet. Nature sustains us and contains the essence of love. Visualise the colour green filling your heart centre and extending outwards throughout your energy field. Notice how much green there is around you. The colour green has immense healing properties. Wear a green item of clothing and feel the essence of the colour, colouring your energy field. Notice how your heart softens as you do this.





proverb-1Be mindful of love in your life

Take out your favourite pen and write a list of all the people who have ever shown you love in your life. Add to that list by writing a list of the most powerful ways the Universe has shown you that you are loved. Counting our blessings in life highlights to us how loved we are. It opens our heart as we become mindful with our divine gifts. The more we notice this love, the more we feel loving to others and want to share this part of ourselves. Doing this heals and balances our heart chakra as we change our life view, moving from a place of self protection to a place of feeling loved and secure. When we feel loved, safe and secure we are able to share this freely with others. Compassion naturally arises and we feel joyous in our own body.

Hi Chi Heart Chakra Healing tips



Smiling opens your heart instantly. The more you smile at others the more people will smile back at you. Smiling is a highly spiritual act and is a gateway to opening the heart. Set yourself a goal of smiling at 15 people today. See how elevated you feel and how much more balanced your heart energy is. Balancing the heart chakra happens as we express our loving energy in as many ways as possible.


Balancing Chakras with Quantum Touch


Forgiveness sets our spirit free. It frees up so much energy that physical healing takes place effortlessly. As the heart chakra heals, the body heals with it. Ask the Universe to assist you in being able to forgive others. Ask the Universe to forgive you, ask yourself for self forgiveness and connect with anyone you feel anger towards. Meditate on asking their higher self to communicate with your higher self, so that love, forgiveness and compassion can happen.

Swap metaphysical seats and take a few moments to view the world from their perspective. Ask your higher self to understand the other person’s challenges and to have compassion for them.

Better still call someone today who you would like to restore a connection with and tell them that. Bringing more love into our lives is the key and answer to happiness, inner peace and all states of health.




How-To-Make-Sandalwood-Essential-Oil-At-HomeScents to balance the Heart Plexus Chakra



root foodChoose a Heart Chakra Healing Food to eat today


Green peppers


Green leaves




rootchakrahealing-1050x700Heart Chakra Healing Stone

  • Rose Quartz
  • Emerald
  • Green calcite
  • Jade
  • Green aventurine


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