Bringing in Mindfulness to your QT practice

Posted on Wednesday 25th September, 2019 at 11:18 am

Karina Grant

One of the first core energy exercises that you will learn on a QT Level 1 workshop is how to generate a full body sweep. At the beginning of the day we have partners facilitate this for each other so that we can let go and experience the sensation easily. Often people go into a state of deep relaxation just from having their energy sweep – before we even begin any actual healing. Afterwards we learn how to do this on ourselves and generate that same sensation. 

The Body Sweep has multiple benefits including revving up the Chakras each time that you sweep up the body. Another benefit which is really wonderful, is that it keeps you consistently connected to your body throughout the session. The more Mindful you are with your sweep, the more you will drop out of your head and into your body. For those that enjoy Mindfulness Meditation, this is another way to experience this state of flow whilst giving Quantum Touch. 

The purpose of all these techniques is to enter into a state of freedom

I am a big fan of Mindfulness Meditation and teach this practice as a stand alone workshop whilst also blending it with healing principles in Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery.

All healing practices enhance each other and our ability to hold higher states of energy. Some of us are also very visually oriented so staying within the body sweep is most effective when we have a playful focus. I truly believe in the energy of playfulness as a route to our highest states and for those of you that have asked me to elaborate on this, I have done so in Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery. 

I often approach my Body Sweep with a huge sense of playfulness. I ask myself “if I were teaching this to a child now, how would I teach it?” I love this question because it gets all serious mind based chatter out the way and the fun can really begin.

The Healing Sweeping Car

My sweep has been so elaborate that it can look like an actual scene in a cartoon to me. For example, I have designed a healing car which has even more powers than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It drives up through the body to the top of the head, down the arms and out the hands. The top of the head has a magic mirror which reflects two cars driving back down each of the arms and hands. This car has headlights that beam light through the cells, gears that change the level of energy and the ability to fly (very useful during the Slope breath). The driver can be me, an avatar or simply empty space, driving the force of the healing-mobile.

Paint Wash

A sweep can also look like a carwash with big white revolving washers that move up through the body and back down the arms and hands. This really moves a huge amount of energy! Try adding in white healing paint which fills the cells along the way.

Be creative

Being a big kid is a magical experience and the sweep is a perfect playground for this. I encourage you to try it in different ways. Spend some time simply observing the breath mindfully as it moves through the body sweep and allow your mind to rest. If your mind starts to wander and you feel it needs some focus then spend time designing your sweep. It will be fun, funny and you will find yourself wanting to giggle out loud. When this happens you know you are holding a high vibration and in total alignment with a happy flow of healing energy.

Please do share your own sweeping visualisations? I LOVE hearing them!!

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