Can Quantum Touch help with pain?

Posted on Wednesday 23rd October, 2019 at 8:44 am

Karina Grant Caring for the elderly

Seeing someone we love and care about in pain can be very upsetting. The frustration comes from not being able to help. We just wish we could magic the pain away.

When I first learned Quantum Touch I felt (and still feel) so empowered. I knew that I had a skill with me wherever I went that would be able to help others with pain relief.

I had this feeling of empowerment as soon as I witnessed my first QT session and saw how my Dad’s spine went from being bent forward to straight. It was really astounding to me how within one session he regained colour in his cheeks and walked with strength. He said it was like having “life and energy” again. He was of course referring to the miracle of Life Force Energy being focused and applied in a specific way to the body.

After that experience any time that he was in pain I would get a phone call. This was when I got to experience and witness the miracle of Distant Healing.

We both felt such huge benefit from these sessions. He felt better and better and I felt empowered and delighted to be able to help.

Being able to use QT with others is a gift to everyone involved, especially those in pain and discomfort.

If you are using Level 1 techniques I recommend going as deeply into a state of “allowing” as you can whilst using your favourite tools from the workshop. This also applies to Level 2. I find icons are particularly speedy at shifting out of one state and into another.

Photo of before and after Quantum Touch on shoulder blades

As we hold a high level of resonance the other person’s body reconnects to the innate blueprint of health and balance. Sometimes the energy system just needs a reminder of how it flows best. QT is that reminder and even bones go back into their natural alignment. Anyone can do it and that is why I love it!

Which techniques do you love most in QT?

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