Does QT give you coherent energy?

Posted on Tuesday 12th May, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Karina Grant

In this video Dr Bruce Lipton explains how coherent energy is cultivated by healing practitioners, martial artists, and people with a regular coherence practice.

He likens energy to a laser flashlight that can be waved all over the place or held with a steady laser-like focus that can melt away anything in its path.

It is the total focus on generating a higher state of energy flow that creates coherent energy. In Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon has often referred to the Level 2 energy as “being a state of intent.” As we learn to sit in the heart space with this high level of focused intent, we have all seen miraculous healings take place. This is the power of a coherent energy flow.

Another way to look at it is that we are projecting a single, coherent message outwards into our energy field and beyond. In our QT Level 1 practice we use all our senses, our breathing, mind, thoughts and emotions to create an incredibly high vibration. The energetic message is clear and simple – it is focused on high frequencies. The longer the timeframe we stay in this state, the more coherent we become.

The more we project this message in our lives, the more our reality picks up this clear message and responds accordingly. In a healing session the other person receives this message and they too respond by resonating to this higher vibration. This is when the immune system kicks in and healing occurs.

Resonance and entrainment are the principles that we teach to explain how healing happens. On a Universal level these principles extend way beyond our healing sessions.

The questions to constantly be mindful of are…

  1. What I am resonating to right now?
  2. Am I focused on many things at once?
  3. Is my energy coherant or incoherent?

Use any of your Quantum-Touch techniques to refocus your energy and notice how much more elevated you feel. The more you do this, the more this becomes your dominant energy!

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