Introducing The HI CHI App

Posted on Friday 5th June, 2020 at 12:42 pm


I am so excited to launch and introduce you to The HI CHI App

Meditation is as big a part of my wellness as is healing.

Each time I meditate it feels like my mind and body have had a well needed holiday. 

I have often been asked

Can I record you in our practice sessions because it is so much easier when you guide it.”

Then one day I had a message from a special friend, she wrote to me saying

“I am sitting at my desk and my anxiety is through the roof. Please can you tell me what I can do to calm myself back down.” 

I replied with some mindful techniques and she replied with

“Thank you so much, I felt like you were here with me – I wish you were.” 

At that moment I decided to create a free Mindfulness Meditation called “Lunchtime Reset”. This is a quick 8 minute mindful meditation to anchor a person to a state of calm, in the midst of their day. 

I sent the meditation to a few people and was told it was really helpful, so off to the recording studio I went, to create 12 more meditations. 

The recent weeks have been focused on bringing the HI CHI App to LIFE. 

The Essential Mindfulness Meditation Collection is filled with meditations of varying lengths. 

I have been teaching meditation and healing for nearly 15 years, having guided more groups than I can count, through meditative experiences. The HI CHI App is a place to be mindful, let go, be still and transform. 

There will be a lot more content to come in the near future which I am also very excited about so watch this space. 

There are 13 Mindfulness tracks to choose from and 3 silent bells for those that like the simplicity of a timed silence.

The complete collection is a one off price of just £14.99 – without any extra subscriptions.

So far the feedback has been incredible and I am beyond grateful for the positivity from everyone around me about it. 

I invite you to experience the mindful meditations for yourself and to share it with others too. 

Find out more about the HI CHI App

Please let us know which are your favourite meditation experiences. You will feel your inner bliss rise and of course this opens up a very big healing space within you. 

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