Introducing the Hi Chi Library of Inspiration

Posted on Thursday 8th August, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Karina Grant Hi Chi book library

It is my absolute honour to launch The Hi Chi Library of Inspiration in loving memory of my incredible parents and my inspirational Grandmother.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house filled with magical and inspiring books. Our shelves were filled with the books written by the Founders of the Personal Development Scene such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer.

I was blessed to have my parents take me on Louise Hay workshops from the age of 12 and have access to so many inspired books filled with wisdom.

These books have given my family and I strength, knowledge and such a vast array of blessings. I always used to tell my Mother that I wish there was a Healing Library that I could go to, given the amount I was constantly reading!

My parents gave me the gift of self-belief and the gift of having access to amazing books. Inspirational Books have changed my life immeasurably. It is my prayer that I am able to give access to incredible books to as many other people as possible.

The first batch of books that I am giving to the Hi Chi Library of Inspiration, will be housed in a North London community home where others can visit and borrow an uplifting book.

I will be including books by trailblazers such as Lynne McTaggart, Janet Balaskas, Dr Gowri Motha, Dr Joel D Wallach, Dr Ma Lan, Dr Michel Odent, Gurmukh, Xandria Williams, Laura Doyle, Annabel Karmel, Richard Gordon, Tony Robbins, Dr Brian Weiss and many others.

I am thrilled to share this with you! Which books have changed your life?

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