Is Quantum-Touch the Law of Attraction in action?

Posted on Tuesday 19th May, 2020 at 3:01 pm

Karina Grant

Since the release of The Secret, the ancient Law of Attraction teachings has become a popular way of understanding one of the Quantum-Touch main principles, which is Energy Follows Thought.

In Quantum-Touch we learn that whatever we are thinking about, we are actively giving our energy to. That is why we focus our attention on what we love most, gratitude and positive thoughts, during our QT sessions.

All this contributes to holding a high vibration for the client to resonate with. They then naturally entrain to this vibration which stimulates their own innate immune response. 

I think of Quantum-Touch as being the Law of Attraction – in action! 

I spoke with my friend Ross Aiken who is an administrator for one of the largest Law of Attraction groups on Facebook, about his upcoming book “Don’t believe the hype, (although some of it is spot on)”

Ross is also the Founder of Sunday Soul Lounge,  author of Spiritual Life Management and a Law of Attraction coach. 

Here are some excerpts from “Don’t believe the hype”.

“Why won’t the universe give me what I want”?

“I’ve been thinking about it, i’ve been doing my visualizations”.

The “after” part of my life is when the penny dropped and I finally grew up and took responsibility for my life. Or that’s what Sherlock and my father would say (both have no interest in LOA)! I was 35 years old and I had been researching LOA for 19 years.

I say it’s when I finally understood the simplicity of the words displayed in endless ways right in front of my eyes. I sorted and sifted, silenced the noise and reached positive conclusions. I had read so much about the laws of the universe, so much about LOA. I just needed step by step instructions. There was way too much noise! 

I had a massive life change, I stopped DJing, which was the love of my life for over 20 years. On a warm night in September 2013 I wrote a manuscript, which became my new rules to live by. I literally decided to teach myself new ways to behave, act, treat people… to live. I called it “Spiritual Life Management”. My friend read the manuscript and convinced me to self publish it on Amazon, which you can still download for free.

Fast forward seven years, I am the managing director of the biggest live music agency in London, handling the placements of over 1200 shows every year! 


Have you ever wondered why when you have a good night’s sleep you feel better in the morning? This isn’t just magic. It’s because you release your resistance which allows your body to heal naturally, this isn’t just hearsay and theory, it’s a tried and tested method passed down through the ages, which is why we have always been told from a young age…

“Get some sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning”

This is essentially what you are trying to achieve by healing yourself, removing resistance on so many subjects at the same time to allow the body to heal naturally. 

Therefore, healing and LOA link together because the ultimate goal is the same. LOA teaches us to release resistance in order to attain a specific goal. Energy healers help you to release resistance to allow the body to heal naturally. 

Two separate goals, using the same method to achieve results. A release of resistance.

QT Level 2 focuses heart energy for healing

Law of Attraction is all about releasing resistance and Quantum-Touch releases resistance by default. In Level 2 we heal from the heart and the vibration of love is received so well by nearly all people that resistance is melted. This is also why it is very common for people who practice Quantum-Touch frequently to attract much more of what they want in their life and to be in a higher state of health. 

So when you are engaged in QT you are automatically raising your point of attraction and being a conscious, high energy magnet!

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