Lizzy’s chronic eczema is now gone!

Posted on Thursday 18th June, 2020 at 3:29 pm

Karina Grant

Quantum-Touch Level 2 was absolutely mind-blowing! Level 2 focuses on being “heart-centered” and radiating love, which is very powerful. As well as learning healing techniques, we did some meditation where I was blasted off into other dimensions! It was absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend that everyone takes the QT2 course.

Since doing both courses, I have been combining the level 1 and 2 techniques and have been compelled to use it every day. I have since seen so many miracles with my friends and family that I have used it on.

Chronic eczema is gone!

Another wonderful outcome is that the more healing sessions I do for others, the more my own health improves. I have had chronic eczema for many years and nothing has helped to get rid of it. I have tried many ointments, creams, and diets over the years. To my amazement, it has improved immensely since doing QT regularly. There is always a noticeable difference in the morning after I do a session, and I am delighted to say that I am now eczema free! Practicing being heart centered has made me feel much more positive and loving towards others.

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