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Posted on Wednesday 30th August, 2017 at 8:35 pm

Karina Grant

Louise L Hay who was born on 8 October 1926, has transitioned into the next world on 30 August 2017. She passed away peacefully in her sleep from natural causes.

There are some moments on our spiritual journey which are life changing. This blog is written to honour a Queenly soul, who had such an immense influence on my life, and millions of others too.

I remember the first time my Father told me about Louise Hay and who she was. I was 12 years old and her book “You Can Heal Your Life” which had recently revolutionised people’s lives around the world, was on our coffee table.

you-can-heal-your-lifeI asked him about her book and he told me that she had healed herself of cervical cancer, using the power of her mind and the power of self love.

I was a little confused at this big statement, however I quickly accepted it as truth. As the Spiritual GrandMother of the self help movement she held a truly high influence in my childhood home.

My Mother learned guided imagery and relaxation meditations from Louise’s cassette tapes and would have my brother and I lay down whilst she relaxed us to a state of sleep. When I couldn’t sleep she would put on Louise’s affirmation tapes in my room. I still remember the lyrics now “I love myself the way I am.” I remember the beautiful way that my Mother learned from Louise to give me a mantra “I am safe wherever I am”, when I was scared of the dark and could feel very real “energy” at night in my room. I still have that mantra embedded firmly into my mind, body and spirit.

ca8cdf46a87ddf1c86e92be14d0f4918Attending Louise Hay workshops at age 12 was an enlightening way to enter into my teens. Whilst my friends were out at amusement parks, I was in the children’s group of rebirthing workshops, learning to re experience my birth through breathwork. I was leaning about manifesting and about self love. It all felt very exciting and it still does.

I kept my weekend outings to myself because I knew that what we were doing was a little bit different to my friends. Now I shout about them louder than ever before, because it is Louise Hay’s teachings that gave me a spiritual foundation that changed my life from the moment I first heard her name.

Her colourful books were as enchanting to a child as they were to the inner child existing within an adult mind.

As Louise Hay continued to change the world through her unconditional love for herself which spilled into humanity in a way that almost feels beyond human, she welcomed and gave a space to so many other incredible teachers to be heard through Hay House.

There are people who come into this world to literally shift mass consciousness into a new era. Louise Hay is one of those legendary people, whose divine purpose has clearly now been fulfilled on the physical level.

e7199bf6ff39535beae695fc01fecda2--wealth-affirmations-louise-hay-affirmationsLouise L Hay was a beautiful, masterful  and profoundly elegant lady who has transitioned into the next world. I know her teachings will continue to inspire the collective spirit for generations to come.

Thank you Lousie Hay. You changed my heart, my mind and my spirit. You showed me the power of love, self love and of the mind body connection. I will teach your teachings to my children in the way you taught them to my parents and I will continue to share your treasures in all the workshops I teach.

Thank you for the bright and powerful light you have left in this world. We love you. May your spirit soar to the highest heights as you continue to illuminate our world with your love.


“If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

Louise L Hay


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