The effects of 1 minute of QT breathing

Posted on Thursday 11th July, 2019

Simon Tips for breathing with Quantum Touch

The simple practice of enjoying your Quantum Touch (QT) breaths for just one minute, will produce a meditative effect in your mind and body. I invite you to set an alarm on your phone every hour for one day, and use the breaths for one minute each time. You will…

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The Science behind Toning and Chanting

Posted on Wednesday 26th June, 2019


In Quantum Touch Level 1 we use our Toning technique to bring in the power of sound healing into our session. We know that by using sound in our healing sessions, it moves the energy with a lot of speed and power. You can use the vowels which will work…

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What is the best way to enjoy life as a QT practitioner?

Posted on Tuesday 18th June, 2019

Karina Grant Practitioner using hands on Quantum Touch

Do What You Love. “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can‘t take their eyes off you.” I adore this quote. I find every word of it…

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The Power of Consistency

Posted on Monday 17th June, 2019


When I do open a healing centre in the future, I am going to call it The Energy Gym. I have used this expression for years now because I feel that being in a consistent healing state is as important as going to the gym. In the same way that…

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The importance of exchanging healing sessions

Posted on Monday 10th June, 2019

Karina Grant

One of the first principles we learn about in Quantum Touch is “When we give a healing, we get a healing”. As soon as we are in our flow and raising our vibration for someone else to entrain too, we also receive the innate benefit of that. Many practitioners find…

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Introducing Quantum Touch to Mumbai, India

Posted on Monday 3rd June, 2019


When Dr Ashish Narayanker got in touch with me from Mumbai and requested that I teach him QT Level 1  & Level 2, I was delighted to help him on his beautiful quest. He wanted to join me here in the UK with a very specific intention – so he…

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A tribute to my precious Mum

Posted on Wednesday 6th February, 2019

Karina Grant

2018 was a very surprising year. It was the year that my Mother chose on a higher level, to leave this world. She passed within a  fast time frame, which suited her character which was always very intense. She was an all or nothing person. The previous years had been…

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What are the most common blocks to healing

Posted on Monday 9th July, 2018

Karina Grant Surfer surfing a wave

In Quantum Touch we learn about letting go of attachment to outcome. This is a healing principle that applies to every area of our life. Once we master this we overtake the slow moving traffic and move into a much clearer pathway, giving us a smoother ride through life. Our…

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Chakra balancing – the multivitamin of healing

Posted on Friday 6th July, 2018

Karina Grant Diagram of the 7 chakras with names and explanation

Chakras are energy centres that are present in the central channel of the body. There are 7 main chakras that everyone agrees on. A chakra balancing session can be compared to taking a multivitamin. It is a really great way to rebalance a person’s energy field in an all encompassing…

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What happens when we push energy?

Posted on Friday 29th June, 2018

Karina Grant

There are some principles in all healing that are vital for the energy to flow at all times.

Giving a healing to someone is an invitation to join in with your connection to Universal energy at that moment.

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Diabetes medications stopped after 2 QT healing sessions

Posted on Tuesday 29th May, 2018

Karina Grant Before and after using Quantum Touch

When Maria finished her first Level 1 QT workshop with me she got started with using the techniques straight away.

It was of great importance to her to start using QT Level 1 with a lady called Anna who has Diabetes, Heart issues and a whole range of complex health conditions.

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