Introducing our new son Aytan…

Posted on Friday 13th March, 2015

Simon Photo of Karina's son Aytan

My first thought about a Quantum birth team occurred to me after a practice session during a Level II workshop. I inwardly prayed for a Doula (a holistic birth attendant) that would join me during the birth. I prayed for a Doula that was highly skilled, extremely spiritual, open to…

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Daily rituals – Level 1 QT Audio Recordings

Posted on Tuesday 11th November, 2014

Karina Grant Quantum Touch Level 1 - Audio of the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire

I first heard about the power of inspired daily rituals from Tony Robbins when I attended one of his seminars back in 2000. I can still hear him passionately deliver his message “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your daily rituals”. He went on to break…

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Video of healing arthritis naturally with Quantum Touch

Posted on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

Karina Grant Photo of naturally healing arthritis in hands with Quantum Touch

Stevie Woodhouse, company director of Ultimate Clarity and wellbeing therapist was in my Quantum Touch Level 1 workshop, and went straight to work on his Mother as soon as the workshop had finished. He contacted me excitedly that evening to share the photos and video of his Mother’s amazing healing experience. Arthritis is such a common condition and Quantum Touch is natural and easy to learn. Well done to Stevie and his Mum!

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My new website is here! – Let me know what you think?

Posted on Wednesday 1st October, 2014

Simon A screenshot of Karina Grant's new website

We have a new design! Everyone always commented on how great the old one was so I hope you like this new site. I am always happy to receive feedback so if you have any suggestions then please do leave your comments at the end of this blog post. Thank you!

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Dr Bruce Lipton & Dr Wayne Dyer

Posted on Thursday 4th September, 2014

Karina Grant Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Bruce Lipton

This short and uplifting video featuring the incredible Dr Bruce Lipton and inspirational Dr Wayne Dyer shows a discussion highlighting the key factors for healing.

Dr Lipton references his mind blowing research about how our internal perceptions of our environment and beliefs about the world we live in will determine our health.

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Growing Bolder – “It’s not about age, it’s about attitude”

Posted on Wednesday 3rd September, 2014

Simon Photo of Barbara Beskin

I have always had a very keen interest in helping the elderly and lately I have come across a website which I love so much I had to share it with you…

The website’s slogan is “It’s not about age, it’s about attitude” and their content is absolutely liberating for us all, regardless of our age.

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Mark Waldman and his brain research

Posted on Tuesday 17th June, 2014

Karina Grant Illustration Of the Brain - Research done by Mark Waldman

This video is an excellent talk by the brilliant Mark Waldman who shows what happens to our brain when we meditate and focus on different subjects. In Quantum Touch Level II we learn how to work with the brain including how to heal the amygdala which is responsible for our…

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Teaching Mindfulness at work to those supporting homelessness

Posted on Tuesday 3rd June, 2014

Karina Grant Mindfulness at work - illustration of people at work with lots going on in their heads!

One of my passions is introducing the concepts and practice of health, healing and mindfulness to those working with vulnerable people.

I was delighted to be invited to share this empowering knowledge with Groundswell who are a London based charity that provides inclusive solutions to homelessness.

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