Questions are magical… ask away

Posted on Thursday 15th August, 2019 at 1:05 pm

Karina Grant

Whenever I would ask my parents something repetitive as a child, my Dad used to say “Ask a better question and you’ll get a better answer”. How right he was!

Our brain is wired to come up with an answer to any question that we ask. This applies to our QT healing sessions too!

When you are giving QT have a play around with asking great questions. For example:

  • Which technique would really increase the energy now for this person?
  • How can I experience more LOVE right now?
  • Why is this moment Divine?
  • Which QT technique will really open up my joy right now?
  • What would make me smile and laugh right now?

The creator of Afformations, Noah St John deeply understood the power of questions. He has written many books about how to use questions to activate the brain’s ability to produce answers that serve us. He uses this system to harness the Law of Attraction. His books were wonderful at enhancing my understanding of the power of positive questions!

Quantum Inspired questions = AHA moments

Choose a Personal Power Question and have it written in places you will frequently see it, especially when you are giving QT!

Which questions do LOVE to ask inwardly? Keep on asking and you will feel how much more expanded your energy field becomes!

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