Take “the what you love most technique” to the extreme!

Posted on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019 at 2:45 pm

Karina Grant

When we teach “the what you love most technique” in our Quantum Touch Level 1 workshops, people’s faces light up with happiness as they think about – what they love most.

I like to blend in my own personal variations and styles of healing into my Hi Chi and QT healing sessions with people.

One of the things I enjoy doing is focusing on a word that I wish to experience more of, or that I know the client wishes to experience more of. The first word that usually comes to mind as a universal healer is the word, Love.

So recently I have been focusing entire healing sessions around this miraculously healing word.

I enjoy bringing in my Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery Mindfulness practice into this. You can do this by using all of your senses to vivify this word and bring it into your entire experience. For example, by bringing up images that are truly loving to you. This may be a laughing baby, a nature scene or puppies running around. It can be anything at all.

Take some time to create strong, vibrant colours and zoom in on the aspects of the scene that you enjoy seeing the most.

Once this is firmly settled into your internal vision, bring the sounds of this loving scene into your auditory awareness. Spend some time really enjoying how this all sounds. Hear the laughs, the squeals and the sounds of the water being splashed around.

See what happens when you think of this video during a QT session

Are there any aromas that you can now focus on? Really bring this scene to life. If it is a laughing baby then does their skin smell of that of a new baby? If you are by the sea then do you smell the salt in the air?

Now imagine what the kinaesthetic textures feel like to you. Are you running your hand gently over a puppies coat of soft, silky hair? Really bring that into your energy field.

Our tastebuds are very easily activated just by thinking of something we love to eat. Perhaps you can bring that into your scene by introducing a favourite food that you always love to eat.

By this point your entire focus will be consumed in all ways by feeling the state of Love. You will have spent a good amount of time really enveloping yourself in the “what you love most technique”, by mindfully connecting with your senses too, as you do so.

When you feel like you wish to move on from that scene and still want to stay in the energy of Love, you can simply focus on the word itself. I like to see it written across the sky and enjoy bringing this into my healing sessions.

How do you use “the what you love most technique” in your sessions?

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