The effects of 1 minute of QT breathing

Posted on Thursday 11th July, 2019 at 9:33 am

Simon Tips for breathing with Quantum Touch

The simple practice of enjoying your Quantum Touch (QT) breaths for just one minute, will produce a meditative effect in your mind and body. I invite you to set an alarm on your phone every hour for one day, and use the breaths for one minute each time.

You will experience yourself letting go more and more by the hour. Each minute is cumulative and builds in momentum. If you feel tense in one part of your body, simply imagine that place in between your hands and begin there.

The Quantum Touch Breaths

Each QT breath has its own unique frequency and each one will produce a unique sensation throughout your body.

The 4 – 4 breath allows you to stay in a steady flow and some practitioners find that staying in this breath throughout various activities in their day, keeps their energy high all day.

I love spending time in the 2 – 6 breath and often this is my main focus in my one-minute meditations. It is such a relaxing breath and having the exhale longer than the inhale is a process that is well known for inducing relaxation in the body.

If you are feeling tired then a 1 – 4, Slope or a Fire breath will be sure to wake you up! Throw one of these breaths in during your one-minute meditation to boost up your energy flow. It is so energising!

Tips for your QT breathing

Even though the Level 1 QT breaths are all pretty active, pay attention to how “allowing” you feel during your breathing. Remember to breathe through both your nose and mouth simultaneously. Simply breathing through your nose whilst your mouth is open, will produce this effect.

Bringing your awareness back to your body will allow you to drop out of a mind based space. The sweep is excellent for this. It can be an incredibly mindful and enjoyable experience, as you vivify it with your senses.

Remember to sweep with as much sensation as you can, rather than just with your mind.

Big and full breaths move more energy. Keep the breaths full and most importantly comfortable. Straining yourself in anyway is the opposite of what we want to do.

You will find over time that the more you use the QT breaths the more your capacity to breath more fully will increase.

That is why just one minute an hour can have such a positive effect on your whole being.

Try and it see – let me know how you feel after one day of doing this!

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