What is the value in repeating a workshop?

Posted on Thursday 22nd August, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Karina Grant

I am often asked during workshops why Quantum Touch have a requirement to repeat Level 1 twice in order to become a practitioner.

I would like to answer this question because I believe it is an important one and has a big impact on people.

I remembering listening to an interview many years ago with Henri Rand¬†Furgiuele, who is a longstanding Advanced QT Instructor and highly successful practitioner, giving workshops in Hawaii and Asia. She was asked the question “what helps a practitioner to really find their flow and build their client list?”

She responded by saying that she encourages her participants to repeat a Level 1 workshop several times, and has had many students comes back 5 or 6 times. Henri said that the practitioners that repeat the material so many times have the techniques integrated internally, on a very profound level.

Having now taught the QT workshops for over a decade I can now say that I have also observed the same thing. Each time a person attends a workshop they are in a different mindset than the previous time and they hear the material in a new way. It sinks in at a deeper level and I always find it amazing how much deeper we can go with the same technique, depending on where our own energy is in that moment.

I have had people retake the workshops who are already certified practitioners and also those wishing to re-energise themselves. They often tell me that they didn’t remember learning certain things the first time round, and how happy they were to hear it again. This is common when we learn a lot of new information in a short space of time.

Whilst attending one workshop will give you enough knowledge and practical skill to begin seeing wonderful results straight away, repeating a workshop allows for a much higher flow of energy.

When I was learning the advanced QT workshops I would always read the QT books first, watch the DVD if there was one, and only then attend a workshop which I would then repeat if I could. This was a massive help in really settling the information into my mind, body and spirit.

I invite you to rejoin me on any of the QT workshops and experience how powerful it can be to hear things in a new way.

Remember that repeating Level 1 has a 50% discount and repeating advanced workshops has a 20% discount.

What have your experiences been when you have repeated a workshop? How has it helped you with your QT practice?

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