Why do nurses love Quantum-Touch?

Posted on Wednesday 22nd January, 2020 at 10:24 am

Karina Grant

From the second ever Quantum-Touch workshop that I taught, nurses have come to my workshops. I realised quite early on that perhaps because Quantum-Touch is based on scientific principles, my workshops would often have nurses and medical professionals attending.

Giving healing within NHS settings is more common than we may realise.

I have always been intrigued about how the nurses that have attended my workshops, integrate their newfound Quantum-Touch skills into their lives.

This article shares some nurse’s impressions of the Quantum-Touch workshop and 4 wonderful examples of how Quantum-Touch is used in care giving settings.

Quantum-Touch in Oncology

Read Carina Pimenta’s experience of the Quantum-Touch workshop and how she is applying it with oncology patients.

“I am completely amazed with what we are capable of! I am blessed with what I learned in these two days and now I am confident to help me, my family, friends, colleagues and patients in every aspects of our lives, in a simple and effective way!

Karina is such an amazing Quantum-Touch instructor, I couldn’t do it with someone else. She transmits all the love and enthusiasm about QT in a way that makes us want to practice all the time! The workshop itself is very easy, simple and accessible to everyone who would like to know how to apply QT.

Everyone should do it!”

How do you use Quantum-Touch as a nurse?

“As a nurse working in an acute setting (hospital), QT has been mostly beneficial for patients experiencing pain. 

The most extraordinary episode for me was when I had a patient with advanced cancer experiencing a lot of pain during the night, completely unsettled in bed and requiring morphine constantly. I have applied QT for only 10 minutes until my colleague came looking for me. Two days after that night shift, I’ve returned to work to find the same patient sitting on the chair, with no pain and hasn’t used morphine for two days! I was amazed and shocked at the same time, I even wondered if 10 minutes would do anything, but it did!

I have also tried to unblock central venous lines (lines inserted in main veins to administer medication and nutrition when unable orally) using Quantum-Touch with success. I am now specialised in wound care (Tissue Viability Nurse), but haven’t tried QT yet. Curious to see if it has an impact on wound healing.”

Carina Pimenta, NHS London Oncology Nurse

Quantum-Touch Diabetes nursing in the community

“I found this workshop essential for getting my skills more fine tuned. I am sure that I will be getting more of my patients leaving the consulting room pain free.”

Karina is excellent at what she does and the congruency is obvious. I feel fortunate to have been instructed by such a loving person. My love for myself and love for others has increased. I feel empowered which is a surprise to me. I feel so appreciative..”

How have you used Quantum-Touch as a nurse since attending the workshop?

“I am a registered nurse working in the community as a diabetes specialist nurse. My patients experience pain often than not and are also stressed. There was a time when all I could do was just listen and advice them; and I would remind those in pain to take their analgesia regularly, which did not help much; that was before Quantum-Touch.

After reading, Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, I started applying it on
friends with great success. Noticing the success I was having with my friends, I decided to apply Quantum-Touch on my patients, with their permission, and was excited that my patients were having pain relief.

I attended the workshops to learn more and have since been applying QT with more confidence on my patients and I continue to have success in relieving arthritic pain in knees, shoulder joints, sciatica, tooth-ache, and the side effect is stress relief! My patients tell me that they feel relaxed and light after being treated.

There are times when I have to combine other healing methods in order to
speed up the process due to time constrains in my clinics. If I am visiting my patients in their homes, I have more time. Applying QT is a good way to build rapport with my patient because when I take the time to apply QT for pain relief, my patients are understandably more inclined to make the effort to be concordant with their treatment and more willing to implement lifestyle changes; which is an overlooked crucial aspect in the long term management of Type 2 diabetes.”

Stephanie S, Diabetes specialist nurse

Post theatre dental nurse, London

“This was a very good experience. I enjoyed it and learned allot. It feels so natural to use Quantum Touch. Thank you!”

How have you used Quantum-Touch as a nurse since attending the workshop?

“Quantum-Touch keeps me focused and Calm. It is my first aid kit. I use it on family /friends and my patients at work. Especially with patients who are anxious and due to have surgery or being phobic of their dental treatment. After 5/10 minutes of QT they become calmer and also their pain is reduced as well. Certainly, I have seen the effects of energy healing modalities in my profession. Hopefully one day healing will be part of our curriculum.”

Y.Z, Senior nurse. London Dental Hospital

Quantum-Touch for Carers

Carers have also highly benefited from learning Quantum-Touch for both personal and professional use. The feedback below shows how when we give a healing, we receive one simultaneously!

“This course was beyond my expectation. Karina is an amazing and inspiring teacher. The hands on healing was the best part of the course to me.

Just the next day after the course I have found that my gums were healed – the bleeding has stopped; my tooth was not painful and I was able to chew without pain. Also I’ve stopped having cramps on my left arm during the night. Usually I would have been awake during the night rubbing my arm as it was numb. Not any more! I never thought about my healing during the course, but focused more on the other’s healing and on my breathing.

A Big Thank you to Karina and the members of my group. Looking forward to take Level 2 the week after!”

Kiri Stratieva, Care manger in Health and Social Care (dementia), Crossroad Care Hertfordshire North

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