Why does our QT1 Funnelling technique increase Surrender?

Posted on Wednesday 18th September, 2019 at 10:38 am

Karina Grant

One of my favourite QT Level 1 techniques is Funnelling. I wanted to refresh your memories about this particular technique and to elaborate on why it has such an expansive effect during a healing session.

The beginners mind will often create some constriction or tension that can be physically felt in the forehead when trying to focus. There is this desire to “concentrate” when giving healing and remember to use the techniques. This can mean that the energy has a more constricted flow around the head area because the energy is being “pushed”.

The beauty of the funnelling technique is that it brings your awareness to a space above your head. It moves your focus beyond the point of thought. When we allow the energy to be received from a space above, we become instantly aware that it isn’t coming from us. This automatically moves us into a state of Surrender. You surrender to the point of being in receivership of the energy flow.

Energy springs up naturally and flows back down through the funnel

To enhance this technique even more you can place a funnel beneath your feet and have this automate the way you receive the energy from the Earth. Visually this can look like a fountain and you simply become the vessel in between these two points.

You can of course combine this with the other Level 1 techniques and create an even more playful way of experiencing the energy. Next time you feel like surrender is the state needed to raise the energy, try funnelling and notice how it shifts you…

Which Level 1 technique do you use most frequently?

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