Supercharge the Colours in your life

Posted on Friday 6th March, 2020 at 9:03 pm

Karina Grant

There is evidence of Colour Therapy being used for healing that dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, China and India.

Every cell in our body needs light energy which means that colour has a multi-faceted healing effect on every area of our body. Each colour has its own unique energy and is simply light in differing wavelengths.

As we view a colour it influences the way we feel and each of the chakras has its own associated colour.

I find healing with colour very enlightening and I am delighted to be sharing the power of strengthening the energy field with colour, in the Supercharging class.

Mary Derr, who shared the Supercharging techniques with Richard Gordon is a Spirit woman with an immense capacity to commune with nature and the Elements. One of her healing gifts is the ability to see colours and energy consistently. Much of her healing work has been with babies and children. She noted that as newborns arrive in the world they have 12 very specific colours in their auric field.

As time goes on and life experiences alter the perception of life through a child’s eyes, the brightness and strength of our auric colours begin to change over time.

Mary Derr taught Richard Gordon precisely what these 12 colours are, what they each represent and how to Supercharge them back into their fullest capacity.

Since the relaunch of the Supercharging class, I have been meditating with the 12 colours every day and also using these colours with my clients.

The feeling of having your colours re-infused with Quantum Touch Supercharging energy is like having your mind, body and spirit repainted again, with love. It is akin to arriving as YOU, again and again, each time you energise your colours.

I have become much more aware of colour in my daily life. I notice which colours I am continually drawn to and the messages that my higher self is giving me, through the colours I choose.

Healing with the Supercharging Colours is an amazing way to bring the frequency of your energy field into balance with ease and speed. I invite you to join me on this incredible workshop and add a whole new skillset to your QT toolbox. Healing with Colour is just One of the new ways to heal that you will learn!

Tip: Feel into which colour you want and need more of in your life. Wear this colour on you and notice how you feel when you do…

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