NEW: Energise your Quantum Touch – online refresher groups

Posted on Thursday 17th September, 2015 at 3:12 pm

Karina Grant

Your energised Quantum Touch group refresher sessions are a space for you to keep your energy moving and have a Quantum energy workout.

Stay in touch with others who are on a similar Quantum Touch journey in an exciting universal space where we bounce off each other online.


This is an opportunity to literally stay in “Quantum” Touch. Every month we meet online for one energised hour of Quantum Touch in a guided group refresher session. There is a Level 1 session and a Level 2 session each month.
I will guide a practice session that will focus on us all healing each other as a group. The intention is that we grow and collectively align with our desires whilst supporting each other. We will focus on one area of life per month.

It is recommended that both Level 1 & 2 calls are attended if you have taken both workshops to crystalise your intentions with a multitude of techniques and focus.

Subjects on both calls will include universal intentions and collective desires such as:

  • Charge up and manifest your goals as a group
  • Energise your radiant Health
  • Intend group energy towards abundance in all forms
  • Energise connecting to your life purpose
  • Opening to miracles


  • Refresh all your workshop skills
  • Connect with other QT family around the world
  • Grow more quickly together
  • Share your QT healing experiences
  • Share healing results
  • Enjoy the infinite power of a collective
  • Share and charge up intentions
  • Do you have questions about how to help your clients?
  • Always keep asking questions and have them answered
  • and much more…

Energised Level 1 Quantum Touch refresher sessions will include:

  • Balancing structure for your physical energy to flow
  • Group Bliss bubble healing intentions
  • Chakra balancing
  • Charging up the energy in your home/personal space
  • Charging up your water tanks
  • Refresher tips on all workshop techniques
  • Self healing
  • Give and receive group healing
  • Global healing intentions
  • Charging up the entire body
  • and much more…

Energised Level 2 Quantum Touch refresher sessions will include:

  • Advanced structure balancing for yourself and the group
  • Sharpening brain energy and mental clarity
  • Healing preverbal energies stored in the body
  • Advanced manifesting for personal and collective goals
  • Creating icons for manifesting and supporting each other’s desires
  • Evolving your personal icon collection
  • Group meditations using Level 2 techniques
  • Sharing our gifts collectively and bringing them into your life
  • Refreshing your knowledge on workshop techniques
  • and much more…

The call will be streamed live for 7 days if you are unable to attend.