Self Created Health healing sessions

Posted on Tuesday 7th October, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Karina Grant

The Self Created Health methodology is taught fully as a workshop where people learn and explore the material in depth within a class setting.

Self Created Health personal sessions are also available at The Hale Clinic  and over skype. Private Self Created Health sessions with Karina are very popular and highly transformative.

Self Created Health (SCH) is for people who want to know the emotional cause of their physical condition.  Using the Self Created Health I will guide you through a discovery process where we will identify the specific event that triggered the physical body to react.

Knowing the cause of the condition usually releases about 20-30% of the symptoms immediately. The rest releases throughout the remaining 6 steps in the process, which I teach you within the session/s. You are then able to go home and complete the 6 steps at your leisure. A follow up session can be booked either on skype or in person at The Hale Clinic.

Self Created Health is based on the understanding that the physical body is a holographic mirror of our emotions. The emotions that are not expressed fully begin to express themselves internally and manifest as physical symptoms. Most of the time the main unexpressed emotion will be anger which creates an inflammatory response in the body. Inflammation is the common component in most all dis-eases.

Karina has uses the Self Created Health with clients frequently since Richard Gordon first taught this process and continues to be delighted by the consistent accuracy of the process and the results. As the UK instructor for this workshop she has also facilitated the full process for hundreds of people. This includes groups of mental health professionals, coaches, therapists and people from any/all walks of life.

The Self Created Health seminar has been the best ever healing experience I have ever experienced in a long 37 years of learning natural therapies. It gets to the real root of all health problems and trapped emotions.

What can I expect from a private SCH session?

Self Created Health sessions are, for many people, the fastest way to achieve profound healing shifts and results. The process takes place over 3 x 90 minute sessions at The Hale Clinic or 3 x 75 minute sessions over skype.

  • In session 1 we will find the emotional trigger to your physical condition using the Discovery Process. 
  • In session 2 you will be taught the remaining 6 steps to release the emotions that are holding the condition in place and how to return back to Self Love.
  • Once you have completed the other 6 steps fully you can expect to have had a huge release and transformation. In most cases this is both emotional and physical, releasing some aspects or all of the original condition.
  • In session 3 we will review and celebrate your healing results, with insights and guidance for any further processing needed. This can include some Quantum Touch healing if you wish.

The 3 SCH sessions are a powerful space to discover your emotional cause, experience an immensely powerful physical/emotional release process and receive energy healing towards your desired outcome.

If you are unable to travel to The Hale Clinic these sessions can take place over skype. 

Any Quantum Touch Level 1 and 2 healing that is done after this will have even faster results.

This process is suited to those who are comfortable with exploring their emotions and how they connect to their physical condition – tt is highly recommended for all healing.

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