Energise your Self Created Health – refresher groups online

Posted on Friday 18th September, 2015 at 10:01 am

Karina Grant

Self Created Health is designed to find, release and heal the emotional cause of physical conditions. I have facilitated hundreds of SCH processes and absolutely love helping people find their causes and release them. Richard Gordon says this is his most important work. Once you have a fluid ability to help yourself and others in this way your personal practice will bloom!


The Self Created Health group sessions have been created so that you can continue to evolve your understanding of the process. I always recommend that people stay in touch with each other after workshops so that there is a continuum of growth and development with the material. This is an opportunity to do so in a dedicated online space created specifically for SCH participants to enhance your skills and results.

The monthly 60- 75 minute group SCH sessions will include:

  • A live Discovery Process with someone in the group
  • Ask all your questions about any aspects of the process
  • Tips for seeing patterns in recurrent life themes
  • Understanding language patterns and metaphors
  • Feeling the resonant answers to find the emotional cause
  • A refresher on the 7 steps
  • Sharing experiences, results and insights
  • and much more…


Repetition is the mother of skill. Tony Robbins