Brain Healing Audio Meditation – Quantum Touch Level 2


This Level II Quantum Touch practice audio download has been created to bring healing energy to different parts of your brain. This is especially useful for those wishing to develop their brain function for both physical and metaphysical reasons. I recommend that you repeat this meditation at regular intervals if you have a particular issue that involves strengthening the brain.


The Quantum Touch Level II healing that focuses around strengthening and healing the brain is cutting edge energy therapy. Research into neuroplasticity has offered significant scientific evidence that our brains continue to evolve and change shape according to how they are stimulated, much like plasticine. Advanced research shows that we have the ability to enhance our brain power and through this practice session you will go on a journey through healing specific areas of the brain.

Fascinating scientific  research shows that children who were raised in a loving home had larger and significantly more developed brains than those who were raised with neglect. This shows that the chemicals secreted in the brain when receiving love have a direct influence on the physical development of an infant’s brain. Whilst this research has been directed specifically towards children, many widely agree that the same can be assumed of adults and the elderly. Love has a very real and direct effect on our physical, emotional and mental development which has been proven many times in research conducted on the effect of loneliness on health. Giving Level II healing to our brains is a profound and wonderful experience. In this audio download you will open to receiving universal, unconditional love in your brain. This recording can also be played whilst healing others.

You can choose to play track 1 to soften into a healing space and then continue with as many of the tracks as you wish at any one time.

Please note that these recordings were created by Karina to assist with your Quantum Touch practice and are not Quantum Touch Inc official products.

  • Track 1 – Opening your heart chakra healing energy
  • Track 2 – Healing your temporal lobes
  • Track 3 – Healing your pituitary and pineal glands
  • Track 4 – Healing your corpus callosum
  • Track 5 – Healing your Amygdala, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus
  • Track 6 – Awakening your pleasure centers and reward Circuits
  • Track 7 – Bathing your entire brain in love


  1. Lisa Samuals

    The states of consciousness some of us experienced in the workshop while doing the brain exercises were so profound and I was curious to see what it would be like listening to a recording. Wow is all I can say! It was a very powerful meditation and I felt wide awake afterwards. It was also interesting to note my own progress since the workshop in that I am able to experience much more now in the two places that I didn’t feel much in back then. Thanks for doing this Karina, I am enjoying the practice a lot!

  2. Phillip Stennen

    This is my favourite audio – brilliant!

  3. Catherine Listern

    Since listening to this a few times I am more centred and my brain feels wide awake!

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