Hi Chi – Self Healing Mastery


Hi Chi Integrated Health teaches cutting edge and advanced healing techniques in ways which are incredibly playful and easy to learn – that achieve incredible results.

Almost 4 hours worth of meditations spread over 6 weeks. Simply listen and transform.


Live My Life Filled With Hi Chi

Hi Chi = High Energy. When you join the Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute, you will get immediate access to an incredible online training programme teaching you world-class meditation skills that stimulate high states of healing.

The beauty of this programme is that it has such a high impact and is so easy.

Children are as close to source energy as it gets. The younger they are the more access they have to their imagination, right brain and creative selves. To experience phenomenal healing results we require the ability to be as playful and childlike as possible.

Learning through play is how children learn and we all know that a child is able to learn a new language much more quickly than an adult. This is why the Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute have made Hi Chi so easy to learn by taking you right back to learning… how to heal during your Hi Chi meditation practice, in a playful way.

This is the Hi Chi energy that you were born with and what you will reconnect with here. In Hi Chi we learn with our inner Child.

Why is Self Healing Mastery different to other Mindfulness programs?
The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute was founded by Karina Grant after more than a decade of working as a highly results driven energy healing practitioner, international healing instructor and Mindfulness teacher.

This program is a unique blend of Mindfulness Meditations with a huge extra added boost of Karina’s Hi Chi healing energy. Self Healing Mastery has been created with a very clear intention – to inspire a Mindfulness practice that is so easy (your inner child will love coming out to play) and so beautifully healing.

Simply listen and transform.


Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to:

Naturally reduce Anxiety

Heal Depression, Reduce your stress, Meditation Boosts Your HAPPINESS, Mindfulness increases compassion.

Meditation makes you feel more connected to others

Meditation is the key to balancing emotions, Do you want more creativity in your life? Meditate and think beyond the box. Increase serotonin – this creates new cells which helps to heal depression.

  • Reduce blood pressure

    64% of patients at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008 who tried a meditation-based program for three months reduced blood pressure levels and could reduce their medication.

  • Control Pain

    300 million pain prescriptions were written in 2015. Let’s reduce this today!

  • Multitask

    In an article by Scientific American on How to Be a Better Driver, they suggest taking up meditation, as it increases the brain’s ability to multitask.

  • Anti-age

    Harvard psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Hoge showed in her study that people who meditated daily for at least four years had longer telomeres which slows down the aging process.

  • Boosts your immune system

    It is also used for back problems, migraine, fibromyalgia, coeliac disease, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and even multiple sclerosis.

  • Strengthens your brain

    Science used to call this impossible. Now it is proven. When we train our mind to focus on one thing – the present moment we are happy

What will I learn?

Self Healing Mastery is a 6 week program

Each week your energy will feel even more elevated as you listen to insights and inspiration throughout your Hi Chi Self Healing journey. Begin the week by listening to your lesson of the week once and then simply continue listening to your meditation as and when you can.

Experience your energy increase as throughout your practice. It is as if you have been on a blissful vacation each time you listen.

For more information please see – https://www.hichi-life.com/program/hi-chi-self-healing-mastery