Quantum Insights - Karina's Archive of weekly Golden Tip's

Chakra balancing

Posted on Friday 21st August, 2015

Balancing Chakras with Quantum Touch

Every time we do a full body sweep we rev up all our chakras.

A chakra balancing session is like a multivitamin.  We only need to offer the energy to each chakra the the innate intelligence of our energy bodies will absorb what is needed. This is a wonderful gift to yourself and others. One chakra balancing self healing session at the beginning of each week works like magic.

Balancing structure a great way to start a session

Posted on Friday 14th August, 2015

Balancing the body's structure with Quantum Touch

Balancing structure helps with everything and is a great way to start  a session. Begin with the hips, shoulder blades, occiputs and C7. If you have L2 skills then include the other muscles and tendons. Ten minutes spent on structure can do wonders for any physical and emotional condition.

Practice, practice, practice

Posted on Friday 7th August, 2015

Go for it with your practice sessions and your confidence will grow. QT allows for amazing healing to happen. As soon as you begin to see these healings your confidence will naturally grow. This all happens when you practice. Refine your skills by re reading the QT books, repeating workshops and listening to recordings. Most of all use it on everyone and everything as much as you can.

The Power Of Sound

Posted on Friday 17th July, 2015

Remember your toning. You can either tone sub vocally or externally. Use the vowels and also any other sounds you like. The vibration of sound connects the upper and lower body. As you open your mouth to tone, all the muscles in your jaw area and root chakra relax, there is a profound connection there.

In the moments when you tone, your mind also becomes very quiet and the energy is able to flow very easily. Think of a didgeridoo, a gramophone and a bass speaker. Try lighter and deeper sounds. Imagine and feel the sound reverberating back to you from the area. Toning an Om always moves the energy.

How do you feel giving QT?

Posted on Friday 17th July, 2015

The most important thing is that you feel good – always. In each moment of giving healing take yourself into a place where you feel on top of the world.

Use your imagination to do this. Remember this is Quantum…you really are there when you feel like you are.

Entering Easy World

Posted on Friday 3rd July, 2015

Creating new realities comes from a place of knowing it is all possible and easy. I once read a book called Easy World about entering “Easy World” within your consciousness where everything is easy.

This subtle shift in perception gives you a new paradigm to play with. Before you start a session say to yourself “I am now entering into Easy World, where everything is easy.” Then smile and focus on what puts you into an easy state of Love.

Energy follows Thought

Posted on Friday 29th May, 2015

Think Happy - energy follows thought

Energy is 100% consistent with where your awareness is. If you are focusing on the front of the hips, the front will balance. The same is true for any area of the body.

Keep your thoughts on love, gratitude and things which make you feel happy. Then offer the energy to the specific place that is asking for healing.

Set and forget…

Posted on Friday 22nd May, 2015

Set your intention, ask for what you want and then forget it. Once you have set your intention let it go andfocus on you. The universe only needs asking once. From that point you are using your Quantum Touch techniques to align with your intention.

Let go…

Posted on Friday 15th May, 2015

Our role in Quantum Touch is to hold a high energy healing space and always let go of attachment to the outcome.

The more we realise that the healing happens as a result of our ability to let go of the result… the more spectacular the results are.

Gratitude creates miracles…

Posted on Friday 8th May, 2015

Tune into what you are grateful for during your healing sessions and really feel the blessings. Shifting into gratitude opens up the energy into a much higher space. See, feel and hear what it is you are grateful for. This establishes a connection with your creator and is an invitation for the universe to take over from you.

Remember C7

Posted on Friday 1st May, 2015

C7 is the big bone that sticks out at the top of the spine and the base of the neck. This is a very powerful energy centre.

Qi Gong Masters say that most physical conditions occur as a result of a blockage in C7. Give this vertebrae a fair amount of time and some consistent healing. Visualise the energy moving up and down the vertebrae and C7 balancing the entire spine.

Have faith!

Posted on Thursday 23rd April, 2015

This is the single most important factor in all healing. Having faith means knowing we are here to create an inspired and loving space for healing to occur. Then let it go. It always is happening perfectly.

Always keep your focus on where the healing is coming from. This reminds us that we are a vessel. The energy will always be much higher that way..!